What to text ex

How to break the silence and start fresh

What to text ex

Have you come to the point where you are wondering what to text ex? You’ll know it when you feel it. Maybe you are out and about somewhere and are reminded of him or her. Or the feeling might strike when you hear your phone go off and think for a second it might be them. Even a tinge of jealousy can hit you at any moment, causing you to want to “check in” on him/her and let them know you are still there. Whenever the feeling of wanting to text ex comes, it is usually a strong one that can either lead to a fresh start or a terrible ending.

No matter how rough your relationship and breakup was, it is in the past. Your future is now about seeing the potential to get your ex back and planning how to make it happen in the best way. The right words can make him or her go from feeling like they want nothing to do with you to feeling like they need you, want you, and even crave you day and night. You can have those feelings of love, passion, and excitement you both enjoyed in the early days of your relationship together when you know what to say.

Instead of acting impulsively out of your desire for your ex, you need to act wisely. It is easy to pick up the phone and send a quick text, or even a long and rambling one, but it is crucial for you to choose the right time and the right words. Unfortunately a lot of couples who have broken up ignore this rule and end up back in the same mess they were in when they were together – and it all started with one text.

What NOT to text your ex is just as important.
If you want to avoid a slippery slope that only leads to pushing your ex farther away, then you need to take the timing seriously. When getting your ex back is your goal, you can never be too cautious. Chances are you already created more distance between you both than you want.

Things can get tricky when you both have not had enough time to cope with your breakup. Every relationship is different, though, so it can be difficult to make a blanket statement as far as when the right time is to text. Some people need weeks or even months to come to a place where they can engage with their ex. Are you ready? Is your ex ready? These are questions you may want to start considering before you pick up the phone, unless you follow a proven method for what to text ex – when you follow such a guide, you can feel confident about sending your first text today.

So what should you text your ex?
Be smart about it – choosing what to text ex can have ramifications that you may not have realized. If you want to tell him/her how you feel about your breakup or even something that happened during your relationship together, there is a right way to go about it and a wrong way. It is easy to get wrapped up in your emotions, but you have to learn how to step back and think clearly before you unleash all of your words. Texting your ex on impulse may not get you what you want in the end, as mentioned before.

Speaking to your ex’s primal, romantic nature is going to get you back together, not texting constantly. There are special phrases to use and images to stir in his or her mind that will help them remember why they fell in love with you and forget about the painful negativity of your past.

When you want to text just to see how he/she doing, that is one thing. But do not expect them to answer. You are also likely to get ignored you are feeling jealous or even anxious about what they are doing, where they are going, and who they are spending time with. If you find yourself getting worked up and texting them about these things, then you need guidance as to what to text instead if you want to get him or her back.

If you feel confused or curious about what to text your ex and how to open up your lines of communication in a healthy way, check out the link below. This will help you figure out the best strategy for what to text ex and how to get them coming back to you, so you can start a new, happy, loving relationship together soon.

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